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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

This section informs about different Social Projects which are being actively supported by ARA Tours clients.

The Corporate Social Responsibility program of ARA Tours, consists of including, within the itineraries that are offered to the wholesaler, some social projects in order to provide economic contribution for the visited community.

The project main objective is to allow clients to visit the area they are supporting and understand how their financial contribution is being invested.
These social projects are available to wholesalers who want to contribute within their CSR efforts and to include visits to projects in their sales offers.

Social Projects that are currently being supported by clients are:

Cultural Centre Adela Cultura del Cacao

Since 2016, ARA Tours has been working with the Bribrí Indigenous Community, specifically the Watsi folk in Puerto Viejo of Talamanca, sending part of our clients to the area so they can take part in a Cacao Tour; touristic product developed by the Adela Cultural Centre, lead by José Luis Jiménez and his wife, Anna.

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Barra de Tortuguero School

Since 2017, we’ve been working actively with the Escuela Barra del Tortuguero, in a first stage that consisted in the search of economic funds to condition the school’s IT classroom, one of the school’s current main goals. Barra de Tortuguero lies in a coastal zone and because of its proximity to the sea, it presents a high degree of deterioration in its infrastructure because of the salinity in seawater. For this reason, the school needs constant maintenance of the classrooms.

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Escuela Calle La Lucha en la Virgen de Sarapiquí

Since 2018 we are sending groups that are visiting the School Calle La Lucha in the Virgen de Sarapiquí. Each client is leaving a donation of $5 per person, which are being invested for the purchase of school packages for the children of the educational center.

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Escuela San Francisco en Peñas Blancas de San Ramón

The San Francisco School, located in Peñas Blancas of San Ramón, currently welcomes around 300 children of the community. 

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